Where do I get my visa for Bhutan

When you book the Bhutan tour with us, we will apply for Bhutan visa for you and mail you the

e-format of the same. The e-format visa will enable you board flight to Bhutan.

Can we book a private tour ?

Yes, you can book a private tour with us and we will provide personalised service and suit your requirement.

Is drinking water a problem in India, Bhutan, Nepal and the sub-continent region ?

Purified water bottles are available everywhere you travel and our guides make sure that we have plenty of supply for all the time on the tour.

What about sim cards for mobiles and international roaming and data services availability ? Wifi ?

Pre-paid mobile phone chips are available everywhere with data and very very affordable. It requires photocopy of your passport and a passport size photography and usually takes four hours to get activated.

Most regions allow international roaming facility on your home mobile phone number but will cost more....please do speak with your service provider at home about the international roaming charges.

Also free wi-fi is common in most places now a days.

Emergency Contact and Support

We provide 24 x 7 x 365 ground and backup support. We provide emergency numbers and addresses of many point of contacts depending upon the region you are traveling in case of need be. Our guides and drivers are always available to assist you on the tour as well as our local office executives.

Are mosquitoes a problem on tour

Mosquitoes are a mild threat and depending upon the region you are traveling if you carry the usual creams and sprays to keep them away than that's good enough.

Food and Spices

Indian sub continent and especially India has a large variety of gastronomical delights. Its vast historical and cultural richness is seen in its cuisines. Every region in India is different and so is the food. Hotels chefs are used to preparing food as per the spice tolerance level of valued guests.

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